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Many of our users have expressed interest in using OpenVPN compatible routers to connect to OpenVPN Cloud instead of using the Connector application. This article explains how to set up PfSense as an OpenVPN server which authenticates clients based on the certificate they have and their Active Directory credentials using either RADIUS or LDAP. If you find this article helpful feel free to click some of the ads on this PFSense is a great firewall solution.

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To get more information about the OpenVPN¬ģ protocol, check out our detailed article What is OpenVPN¬ģ protocol . Summary.

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I didn’t know IKEv2/IPSec may be compromised. I will look at switching to OpenVPN. First, I think it’s worth explaining what pfSense and Site-to-Site VPN are and what the advantages are. Then move on to implementation. PfSense is a firewall distribution based on the FreeBSD operating system. The distribution allows implementing mechanisms such as NAT, CARP, and VPN (including PPTP, IPsec, OpenVPN), Captive portal. Routing OpenVPN through IPSec VPN on pfSense" at http://www.derman.com/blogs/IPSec-VPN-Firewall-Setup#RouteOpenVPNthruIPsec (same approach required if multiple LANs are involved and one or more systems/subnets require access to multiple remotely located LANs) More information about the configuration of a remote access with OpenVPN: [pfSense] Secure remote access for your home-office workers with OpenVPN.

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My goal is to setup OpenVPN without additional payed services. So that means issuing own certificates, managing own CA […] OpenVPN is a free safe to use & open source software solution for creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN). OpenVPN uses a variety of strong encryption standards to secure your connections over a public network. OpenVPN integrates into PfSense, which is excellent because it gives you a single point of control. Thu Feb 26 14:24:42 2015 OpenVPN 2.3.6 x86_64-w64-mingw32 [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [PKCS11] [IPv6] built on Dec 1 2014 Thu Feb 26 14:24:42 2015 library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.1j 15 Oct 2014, LZO 2.08 Thu Feb 26 14:24:53 2015 Control Channel Authentication: using 'openvpn-udp-1723-VPNbarts-tls.key' as a OpenVPN static key file Thu Feb 26 14:24:53 2015 UDPv4 link local (bound): [undef] Thu Feb 26 14 [pfSense] Configuring a Site-to-Site OpenVPN Instance [pfSense] Secure remote access for your home-office workers with OpenVPN. IPsec configuration.

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Open your pfSense router interface and navigate to System > Certificate Manager > CAs and click Add. I'm quite new to Openvpn and i'm actually facing an issue i can't solve on my own, and before investigating hardware deeper, i would like to ensure i'm not facing a simple incompatibility between IPSec and Openvpn. We are actually running Openvpn tunnels between distant router and a pfsense server. This article will help you how to configuration IPsec VPN (site-to-site) on the pfSense 2.3 and will tell details. After the IPsec configured, different two company will access to each other’s network. For IPsec configuration we need two pfSense firewall. PfSense gets confused if you have multiple VPN (either OpenVPN or IPsec) configurations that use identical subnets or names so always use unique subnets and names.


This is the first of a multi-post. The end goal is to have on-demand VPN capability from OS X, iOS, and Android (technically, PrivatOS; Blackphone) to a pfSense box that will work on any network where HTTPS is allowed. On the main pfSense menu, click VPN > OpenVPN. Click Client tab. Press the plus button to add a new OpenVPN configuration.

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